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Our method of teaching is centred around the individual student. Our communicative approach is based on interactive activities in the classroom and group activities outside, with many cultural trips to a variety of local places of archaeological, artistic and historical interest.

We therefore offer a unique opportunity for those who want to learn a language and also want practice by using it in active everyday situations.

Exposure to every day real Italian also helps students to develop a natural ear for the language in a variety of authentic communicative situations.

The student's immersion in everyday Italian life, therefore transforms their language learning experience into a real cultural experience, and enhances their language learning with communicative competence.

Authentic learning materials have long demonstrated their effectiveness in helping the student to develop basic linguistic competence as well as at more advanced levels.

LESSONS consider at aspects of the Italian way of life and culture, and activities are chosen according to the students' level. The specific interests of the group are tailored to the individual student's needs in one to one classes.

The purpose of individual activities varies and includes reading comprehension, communicative practice through role-play and playacting, structure and grammatical analysis, and discussion of functions and syntax.

Recognised by the University of Siena , is run by a cooperative of teachers. It was founded in 1986. ORBETELLO, surrounded by its lagoon, was an important Etruscan port and the home of trade between ancient civilisations. Its historical, urban and natural features provide the ideal conditions for meeting local people, as well as guaranteeing quality of life, making it just the place for a language school. more...


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